• Leadership in the Valley Community Projects

    The Greater Stillwater Area Chamber of Commerce is engaging local leaders to invest in their community through our 2022-2023 Leadership in the Valley Program. This program focuses on embracing our history, community affairs and current challenges to enrich the life in the valley, make our communities stronger and enhance personal leadership skills. 

    As a part of this program, small groups of participants are assigned a community project. If your non-profit is in need of assistance on a project October 2022 - May 2023, we invite you to submit your request via this APPLICATION

    Community Projects Require: 

    • Focus of service in the greater St. Croix Valley.
    • A primary point of contact from your organization, and a level of accessibility necessary to work with a remote team.
    • A commitment to meet with the team, map out the project definition, maintain realistic expectations, and avoid scope creep while providing necessary support. 
    • Commitment to implement the project following the team's final proposal.
    • Realistic completion by a team of less than 5 people - 20 hours total - over 8 months. 
    • No financial obligation (i.e. fundraising) on the part of the Leadership in the Valley team. 

    Community Project Applications are due August 31, 2022. If your project or organization is selected, the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce will invite you to a meeting in August to discuss your project scope in greater detail. 

    The assigned Leadership in the Valley small group will have approximately 8 months to work with you from October 2022 - May 2-23. To find a good skill-set match, please be as specific as possible about your project needs. 



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