• Leadership in the Valley Community Service

    The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is engaging local leaders to invest in their community through our Leadership in the Valley Program. This program focuses on embracing our history, community affairs and current challenges to enrich the life in the valley, make our communities stronger and enhance personal leadership skills. 

    A good leader inspires passion and motivation in their teams and we believe that giving back to our greater community is a critical part of leadership.  Our hope is that Community Service Projects provide not only a fun way to create relationships within the cohort, but give a glimpse into how nonprofits affect change in our community and how cohort members can be part of that mission. 

    As a part of the Leadership in the Valley program, the cohort is put together in to small groups, based on strengths, and assigned a community service project.  

    The goals are:

    1. Learn about and get an intimate view of one nonprofit making a difference in our community.

    2. Team building and learning to work with people with a variety of strengths.  

    3. Make a difference in our community by volunteering.

    4. Be inspired to continue involvement in our vast nonprofit community.



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