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    To engage local leaders and their organizations to invest in the community by embracing the history, community affairs, and current challenges to enrich life in the valley, make our communities stronger and enhance personal leadership skills. PRESS RELEASE 10/30/2018  PRESS RELEASE 02/27/2019

    Core Values

    Lead with Passion. Purpose. Pride.

    About the Program

    The Leadership in the Valley (LITV) program is designed to bring emerging and existing leaders, and consequently their organizations, together who welcome the opportunity to expand their involvement in community affairs and are willing to explore new leadership responsibilities in the community, enhance and grow their personal leadership skills, form beneficial professional relationships, stimulate an understanding of the forces and trends affecting the area, and become involved with a community project. Meet the LITV Steering Committee.

    The 2020 Leadership in the Valley class is known as the founding graduating class and completed their 9-month program in September of 2020! The graduates will now become a part of the LITV Alumni Alliance which will continue to grow over the years. We encourage these more informed and educated graduates to: take an active role in the community by considering serving on boards or commissions, step up to volunteer for a non-profit fundraiser, or even run for office.

    VIEW the Graduating Class of 2020 Yearbook Here!   

    VIEW the 2020 Graduation Ceremony held on September 29, 2020 at the Royal Golf Club!
    Thank you to Valley Access Channels for capturing the ceremony on video.

    How does the Program Work?

    The LITV program consists of a nine-month commitment, one-day a month, with day-long sessions and requires a personal investment to the community and LITV classmates. Class of 2020-21 applications opened in March of 2020. The program began in September of 2020, and will meet every month through May with a May 2021, graduation ceremony. Participants will be exposed to the challenges, opportunities and vital issues affecting the valley; and will be required to participate in a small group community project that will be presented at graduation. 

    Non-Profits Apply HERE to be considered for a community project opportunity! SEE PRESS RELEASE

    What is the Curriculum?

    Each day-long session is devoted to an in-depth exploration of various topics relevant to the greater Stillwater area. Participants are introduced to speakers and leaders from the area and the state, onsite visits and field trips, hands on learning, all while weaving in leadership skills throughout the program.

    Check out the 2020-21 class schedule HERE.

    Who Should Apply?

    • Anyone living or working in the St. Croix Valley area who has a stake in and passion for the community
    • Anyone with an interest in government, advocacy, non-profit work, or who wishes to contribute to the betterment of our community 
    • Anyone interested in civic and professional development as well as leadership skills training 
    • Participants may come from a wide array of backgrounds and often include executives, business owners, consultants, non-profits, local-residents, and business employees
    • Cohorts develop a close bond that provides them a valuable network after the program ends. Participants will also benefit from involvement with the future Leadership in the Valley Alumni Association

    How will it Benefit Me?

    • Expand involvement in community affairs and explore new leadership responsibilities in the valley
    • Enhance and grow leadership skills while forming beneficial professional and personal relationships
    • Stimulate an understanding of the forces and trends affecting the development of the community
    • Increase knowledge of and commitment for the St. Croix Valley
    • Earn trust, enhance confidence and give back to the community

    How will it Benefit my Business or Organization?

    • Paves the way for future leaders and increases exposure for current community leaders
    • Identifies employee’s strengths and how to work well with others
    • Increases knowledge of the community
    • Instills forward-thinking with new trends, current challenges, and future opportunities
    • Offers representation and exposure for companies
    • Improves employee’s communication, professional presence and leadership skills
    • Provides real-life learning opportunities that affect us every day both professionally and personally


    Applications for the Leadership in the Valley Class of 2021-2022 will be open in the Spring of 2021. 
    A $25 application fee is due with the submission of your application, for consideration.

    When accepted into Leadership in the Valley, you and/or your company or organization will be obligated for the tuition fee of $1195 for non-Chamber members or $995 for Chamber members, which covers all program costs (meals, supplemental transportation, and supplies).


    The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and our 2020-21 Leadership in the Valley Steering Committee is diligently working to re-think, restructure and creatively develop impactful and meaningful programming for our upcoming curriculum year while prioritizing Cohort and community safety. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is closely monitoring the ever-changing circumstances and will adhere to State and Local policy surrounding Covid-19. We will adapt our program logistics and safety policy accordingly. 

    How do I Apply? 

    Read Instructions HERE.


    Non-Profits! Apply HERE to be considered for a community project opportunity! SEE PRESS RELEASE

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