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    HYPE is an inclusive workforce development and community engagement initiative to the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Foundation) and is designed to attract, retain and meet the unique needs of young professionals (YP) and entrepreneurs while providing synergistic benefit to the community.


    The Foundation program was created by young professionals for young professionals determined to strengthen the YP culture of the area. HYPE programming is designed to ignite and develop future business leaders and empower young talent through tailored engagement opportunities, leadership training, innovative educational programming, meaningful connections and access to the Greater Stillwater Area’s thriving business community.


    HYPE is a mechanism that encourages young professional involvement with the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) and fosters increased equity within the community by creating an environment that allows for access and opportunity for HYPE members to participate in engaging relevant programming and purposeful experiences that integrate the unique cultural assets with meaningful learning or social interaction.


    HYPE's Values are aligned with the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and Foundation Values

    • Inclusive: We value the contributions of a geographically and demographically diverse community
    • Principled: We operate with integrity, believing that doing the right thing is better than doing the easy thing
    • Collaborative: We believe that the business community can accomplish more together than apart
    • Impactful: We are architects of the area's future and are vested in our professional and community progress
    • Innovative: We think differently and offer a unique set of strengths professionally and personally 
    • Passionate: We believe in bold ideas and effective action, we are driven by passion for the greater good 
    • Responsible: We develop programs and services that deliver value to our members and community 


    HYPE fosters psychological safety through tailored programming and engagement opportunities through our HYPE Series Offerings. HYPE Series will be cycled month to month ranging in relevant topics and activities, in differing locations across the River Valley area. These series offerings provide space for young professionals to discuss shared issues and solutions, grow as a leader, extend personal and professional networks, engage in our community and work towards building a young professional culture in our area.  Find more about series offerings HERE. See our 2022 calendar HERE.



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