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    The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Retailer’s Association and the Department of Employement and Economic Development have released a suite of business products and resources to help businesses across the state reopen. Business owners are now adjusting their practices and workspaces to mitigate health risks and address consumer confidence.Threre must be a balance between health safety and protecting the economy that needs to be considered, and will. Businesses are eager to get back to work and can and should return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing employees’ or customer safety.

    Business Reopen Playbook / MN Chamber of Commerce

    Return to Work Employer Checklist / MN Chamber of Commerce

    MN Chamber Tool Kit / MN Chamber of Commerce

    COVID-19 Resources for Retailers / MN Retailer's Association

    City of Oak Park Heights Grant Program

    Sample Plans


    Target Corp Plan (Great example for retail - good nuggets)

    Anytime Fitness Plan

    Preparedness Plan Template and Instructions

    Safety Plan for Businesses / COVID-19 Preparedness Plan template and instructions - Labor & Industry/DEED

    PLAN IN PLACE! Be prepared and start developing your required plan for what your new business model should look like as the state begins to open. From the MN Department of Labor and Industry and the Department of Employee and Economic Development, here is a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan template and instructions in Word that you can download and use to begin your plan. Most important, businesses are going to have to demonstrate what a safe work environment looks like for employees, and to build consumer and customer’s confidence.

    Reopen Resources / DEED


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