• Fluid Health and Fitness Ribbon Cutting for this New Business in the Stillwater Community

  • Ryan Maxwell cuts the ribbon for his new business and newly remodeled facility, Fluid Health and Fitness. Photos attached courtesy JaneDierberger.art.
    June 2018. Stillwater, MN. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce welcomed new business and new member, Fluid Health and Fitness at a ribbon cutting celebration on June 14th. The event took place at their business location, which is both motivating and Zen. Ryan Maxwell, owner, proudly cut the ribbon with Chamber Ambassadors and Staff, and Fluid Employees and Supporters attending. Fluid Health and Fitness was established in 2017 and facilitates rehabilitation, restoration and progression to every fitness level. With an impressive and vast expertise in human movement and training , Ryan and staff apply this model by giving fluid motion through your body in their program.
    Ryan Maxwell with Fluid Health and Fitness has developed the Fluid Core/6 training model. There are four stages of development and every program includes nutrition, strength conditioning, and metabolic conditioning. They begin by assessing bodily distortion patterns and in turn focus on the rebalancing of joint centers to prevent premature injury cycles. It is a one of a kind movement management system that adapts and develops exercises allowing you to perform activities in everyday life more easily, and without the risk of injury. When engaging with Fluid, you will be part in a virtual process of body assessment, rebalancing, healthy lifestyle, prevention, and a “maintenance for life” mantra. There are big things happening at Fluid Health and Fitness, and a new way of evaluating your health and fitness routines. 
    In the words of Ryan, “Gravity will always pull us to the ground…” Fluid is there to help you train your body to re-program the ways you move and function. You can find Fluid Health and Fitness partnering with other local businesses of Stillwater in continuing to create even more healthy connections. Fluid teaches us to not just train, restore.
    Fluid Health and Fitness
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