• MN Ready! Time to reopen our economy!

  • Tell legislators and Governor Walz that all Minnesota businesses should be allowed to safely open by June 19.
    Businesses throughout Minnesota – especially small businesses – are eagerly awaiting their turn to open. They have taken the necessary safety precautions, with detailed, effective preparedness plans in place.
    Knowing that they could reopen or increase customer capacity on a certain date would help small businesses start to refuel our economy, and safely welcome back their employees and customers.
    Small businesses are the economic fuel of our state’s future. Without decisive action, many will be lost. This is not simply a personal loss for business owners. This is a loss to the employees, their communities, the local governments and the state in terms of commercial and economic activity.
    Your voice will help lawmakers understand the critical nature of their decision making on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.
    Make your voice heard here: https://www.mnchamber.com/your-voice/get-involved/action-alerts


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