• The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is dedicated and committed to serving the businesses and community of the Stillwater area during this unprecedented time. First and foremost, we are taking appropriate action with our team’s safety in mind while seeking to ensure timely delivery of critical Chamber services for our members. In response to continuing announcements and directives from State and Federal government, the Chamber is advancing our response plan for Chamber operations. 
    We are open for business and have moved to a “Work Distancing” model. Below is our action plan that was implemented today

    1. Continue hygiene initiatives and “social distancing” to limit exposure and transmission.
    2. Non-essential outside guests will be restricted from accessing Chamber offices. This includes:
    • In person meetings with external guests and members
    • Chamber delivery services
    • Minor building maintenance
    • Restaurant deliveries
    • Tourist walk-ins
    1. Begin work from home arrangements:
    • Flexible work for all Chamber staff. Staff that are able to work from home are encouraged to do so. Staff members who have children in school or childcare are offered full flexible schedule.
    • For work that needs to be conducted from the office, implement a staggered work schedule. Limit in-office work and exercise safe work practices.
    • Zoom technology and conference call options are now implemented for virtual meetings. 
    1. Require employees who have been exposed to stay out of the workplace for the virus’s estimated 14-day incubation period.
    2. Limit or eliminate events hosted or attended by Chamber staff over 10 people until further notice.
      • We have cancelled, postponed, or modified the following events and programs through May 1:
        • No Ribbon Cuttings until further notice
        • Toast and Topics, April 1, postponed
        • No Mixers, Coffee Talk, Business Development Sessions until further notice
        • Ambassador Meeting in March in cancelled (will look at Zoom in April)
        • Board Meeting in April will shift to Zoom conferencing
        • Leadership in the Valley (LITV) in March will be postponed. We will be conducting a two hour Zoom meeting
        • LITV in April may need to be virtual
        • LITV Steering Committees will be virtual
        • WBB April Meeting Cancelled
        • Rescheduling the April 18 Community Showcase to September (tentative date September 12, 2020)
    1. Grant flexibility and discretion to staff who engage in outside events or contact with members to postpone or conduct via phone or virtually.
    2. Provide flexibility to staff to accommodate any personal needs in the case of school or daycare closures or sick family members.
    3. Restrict non-essential Chamber domestic travel and encourage personal to not travel to high risk areas.
    4. Chamber staff returning from any personal travel to self-monitor for 14 days. Self-monitoring means monitoring yourself for symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and fever, taking your temperature twice daily and contracting your health care provider with any concerns.
    5. Staff will meet daily at 9:00 am for updates and consistent communications.
    6. Refocus our workplan and priorities to address this situation and serve our members.
    What are we doing to serve our members and the community: The Chamber is Scheduled to Move May 1st:
    • Location: Desch Building, 333 North Main Street.
    • Will work with our current building owner and the Desch Building owner on the timing of this due to the current situation and will keep you posted.
    The Chamber is privileged to serve our business community and takes pride in connecting, collaborating and supporting our local businesses. Together, we are stronger. #valleyrally

    Robin Anthony, Executive Director  

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