• Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s HYPE program educates Young Professionals

  • The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Chamber Foundation) launched their newest professional development and membership connection program - HYPE (Harnessing Young Professional Energy) in May 2022, and is growing to meet the needs of the area’s young professionals. Participation in HYPE is open to Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce members and non-members under the age of 40. 

    The Chamber Foundation’s HYPE program was created by young professionals for young professionals determined to strengthen the young professional culture in the area. HYPE's programming is designed to enhance and develop future business leaders and empower young talent through tailored engagement opportunities, leadership training, innovative educational programming, meaningful connections and access to the greater Stillwater area’s thriving business community.

    HYPE is a mechanism that encourages young professional involvement with the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) and fosters increased equity within the community by creating an environment that allows for access and opportunity for HYPE members to participate in engaging relevant programming and purposeful experiences that integrate the unique cultural assets with meaningful learning and social interaction. Programs such as wellness series, community engagement offerings, and professional learning opportunities will all be part of HYPE’s program educational offerings. These series will provide space for young professionals to discuss shared issues and solutions, grow as a leader, extend personal and professional networks, engage in our community and work towards building a young professional culture in our area. 

    “HYPE has given me the ability to be the most creative and energized I have been in a very long time. By being around individuals my own age with kindred professional goals, we are able to curate programs that not only educate the next generation of business leaders in the St. Croix Valley, but we are also able to think bigger than ourselves and really hone in on the idea of community. We pose the question, “What matters to us?” and we create events and programs based on that sentiment. I have come out of my shell in this program and I am extremely excited and optimistic about what the future of this amazing program holds.” shares Heidi Stein, Chamber Events Manager and HYPE Program Coordinator.

    “As someone new to the Stillwater area, I am so thankful to have found HYPE. The entire Chamber has been very welcoming but through HYPE, I get a chance to meet and build relationships with like minded young professionals. The events I’ve attended have been not only fun, but offer opportunities to develop professional skills, network, and give back to the community that I now feel a part of!”, says Joe Piskula, HYPE Steering Committee Member.

    The Chamber and Chamber Foundation serves cities from Marine on St. Croix to Afton, Bayport, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, Stillwater and all the townships in the region. We invite all residents and businesses an opportunity to participate in the HYPE program. 

    The next HYPE series will be held on Wednesday, February 22, Cannabis Curious? to educate young professionals on the legalization and health benefits of THC. Details can be found at the Greater Stillwater Chamber’s website and at the HYPE-Stillwater Area Facebook page.


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