• 2020 A Collaborative Decade. Embrace the Future

  • 2020 A Collaborative Decade. Embrace the Future

    2020 A Collaborative Decade. Embrace the Future

    As we wrap up 2019, the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is looking to embrace the future as we move into a collaborative decade - 2020. When I think of the word collaboration, it provides the opportunity to do, not just good things, but great things. One organization can do a lot, but together we can do more, and together we can make a deeper impact.

    The Chamber Board of Directors recently updated our mission statement to include the work inclusive in it. “We are an inclusive organization that serves, advocates and promotes our businesses while enriching the life of our community.”  We must be willing and excited to work with others for the greater good, and I am proud to say, the Chamber does this every day. 

    On December 12th, the Leadership in the Valley program conducted Diversity Day, and the cohort learned a lot more about our community and how state and local government, the public sector, the educational industry and non-profit organizations are coming together to do good work in this space. The day was quite powerful as we heard from several speakers including: Pete Erickson, Executive Director of the Valley Friendship Club; Eric Andersen, District Coordinator of Equity Stillwater School District; Jenny Mason, Community Health Division St. Andrews Church; Jason Jackson, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Health Partners; Scott Morris, Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Strategist for 3M; Bill Tiedemman, Executive Director Hope House; Dorothy Bill, Planner and Writer for the Minnesota Department of Health; and Rick Roy, Manager for the Workforce Development Division of Washington County. Collaboration at its best!

    We also had the opportunity to enjoy a demo, presentation and lunch from four local Chefs and learned about their stories and their love for their diverse food they prepare. Sam Leon, Owner and CEO of Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano; Aleksandar Pantic, Co-Owner of Domacin Wine Bar; Paul Mahoney, Owner of Taste! LLC; and Sara Hayden, Owner of Sara Tipsy Pies. What an experience for the inaugural 2020 class of the Leadership in the Valley program. It was an emotional and eye-opening day for everyone. This first leadership class will graduation in May of 2020. Applications for the 2021 Leadership in the Valley class will open in early spring and this new cohort will begin their nine-month journey in September 2020, graduating in May of 2021. 
    In times when we may sometimes feel divided, let us remember we are one country, one region, one community, and when we come together, we can do more and great things will happen. I recently saw this on social media. “Before you speak let your words pass through three gates: Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary.” -Sufi Saying. Happy Holidays and let’s look to 2020 to embrace our future, a collaborative decade.

    Warm Regards,

    Robin Anthony
    Executive Director, Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

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