• Leadership in the Valley Program Benefits

    The program gives participants the opportunity to better understand our community and to prepare for the challenges it faces by meeting with and learning from today’s leaders. Leadership in the Valley is an educational opportunity that broadens perspectives and allows participants to gain increased understanding of community dynamics and public issues. The makeup of each year’s class is intended to reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community. Benefits of the program include: 

    • Gain exposure to current issues and developments
    • Visit local sites and facilities
    • Meet local and regional leaders
    • Develop and expand network of contacts
    • Broaden perspectives and understanding
    • Build friendships and working relationships with class members
    • Give back to the community through participation in group project
    • Bring together people who welcome the opportunity to expand their involvement in community affairs
    • Have the opportunity to explore new leadership responsibilities in the valley
    • Enhance and grow leadership skills and form beneficial professional relationships
    • Stimulate an understanding of the forces and trends affecting the development of the community
    • Increase knowledge of, and commitment to, the greater Stillwater area (the Valley)

    View the Graduating Class of 2023 Yearbook HERE

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    Thank you to Valley Access Channels for capturing these ceremonies on video!

    View the 2021 Graduation Ceremony HERE

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