• HYPE Series Offerings

    HYPE fosters psychological safety through tailored programming and engagement opportunities through our HYPE Series Offerings. HYPE Series will be cycled month to month ranging in relevant topics and activities, in differing locations across the River Valley area. These series offerings provide space for young professionals to discuss shared issues and solutions, grow as a leader, extend personal and professional networks, engage in our community and work towards building a young professional culture in our area. 

    HYPE Series Include

    • HYPE Happy Hour: You will have the chance to catch up with fellow members, invite a new friend to join, or if you're new, check out what HYPE has to offer! This is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, get to know other young professionals and expand your network.


    • HYPE Wellness Series: Young professionals often struggle with the active process of becoming self-aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth: a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. We’ll explore Physical, Financial and Mental Wellness as it pertains to the young professionals in this community. Learn how self-care and wellbeing can impact your functioning as a young adult and output professionally. This series is largely experiential and offers exposure to leading professional training in topics such as work-life balance, meditation, yoga, fitness, nutrition, stress management and healthy habits. 


    • HYPE Professional Development Series: As you grow in your career (remember no on is born brilliant at their job), professional development is vital to that forward motion! Every successful person has been learning and working at their skill for a long time! Take advantage of HYPE's professional development series for exposure to cutting edge presentations and development speakers- to stay up to date on current trends, develop new skills and advance yourself personally and professionally. These series will take young professionals on a journey of discovery in understanding your own professional strengths and will allow experienced, career-minded individuals the chance to hear from great Stillwater Area leaders on how to further develop professionally and in your own career.


    • HYPE Partnership Series: Promoting collaboration, mentorship, leadership and community giveback; this series facilitates opportunities for emerging professionals and seasoned professionals to learn from one another, exposure to local and broader Twin Cities organizations and YP programs to further your professional growth and networks and a platform for meaningful, relevant volunteering opportunities. 

    Interested in partnering or presenting at one of our HYPE Series events? Please contact the Greater Stillwater Chamber, 651-439-4001 or email to inquire. 

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