• 2023 Winners

    CONGRATULATIONS to our 2nd Annual World Snow Sculpting Championship WINNERS!!

    1st PLACE: United States, Minnesota, Team House of Thune
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Dusty Thune
    TEAM MEMBERS: Kelly Thune and David Aichinger
    2nd PLACE: United States, Florida, Team Flozen
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Amanda Bolduc
    TEAM MEMBERS: Adam Turner and Dan Belcher
    SCULPTURE TITLE: Slaying Our Demons
    3rd PLACE: Turkey, Team Turkish
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Ceyhun Konak
    TEAM MEMBERS: Bülent Çınar and Tayfun Konak
    SCULPTURE TITLE: Organic Cubes
    PEOPLE'S CHOICE: United States, Wisconsin Sculptora Borealis
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Joshua Jakubowski
    TEAM MEMBERS: Robert (Bob) Lechtenberg and Michael (Mike) Lechtenberg
    SCULPTURE TITLE: Daydreamer


    2022 Winners

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR Inaugural World Snow Sculpting Championship WINNERS!!

    1st place: Team Jetset from Quebec, Canada
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Jessie Armand
    TEAM MEMBERS: Carlos Miguel Ramirez Pereyra, Christopher Power

















    2nd place: Team Ecuador from Pichincha, Ecuador
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Milton Ramon Estrella Gavidia
    TEAM MEMBERS: Robert Angeloni Tapia Montenegro, Alvaro Xavier Gonzalez Negrete
    SCULPTURE TITLE: Enclosures (Envolventes)









    3rd place: Team Snow Cowboys from Minnesota, USA
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Adam Turner
    TEAM MEMBERS: Mike Majerus, Bryan Mulligan
    SCULPTURE TITLE: One Person’s Trash








    People’s Choice: Team Sculptora Borealis from Wisconsin, USA
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Joshua Jakubowski
    TEAM MEMBERS: Robert (Bob) Lechtenberg, Michael (Mike) Lechtenberg
    SCULPTURE TITLE: Harmonious Ascension


    A Warm THANK YOU to ALL of the participating Snow Sculpting teams!!!

    Stillwater was truly amazed by your cool creations and proud to show them off on the banks of the St. Croix River!

    📸 Lead Sheep Productions