• The Partnership Plan distributed and allocated $217,838 to Stillwater Area Public Schools during the 2021-2022 school year. Grants are awarded in many ways, including a welcome stipend to all new teachers to our education system; Classroom Grants; Big Impact Grants that benefit large numbers of students; scholarships; and awards for outstanding teachers and staff.
    Last fall, 15 Classroom Grants worth $27,651 were awarded for unique and innovative learning ideas.

    Examples of these projects included high school students gaining hands-on experience with various trade careers (woodworking, drywall, roofing, tile cutting/installation) while learning the correct way to use hand and power tools.  Fun Phonics strengthened reading skills and confidence for our youngest learners.  Gate students built underwater robotic prototypes and conducted research with the devices in Lake McKusick.

    The Partnership Plan continued their support of the Pathways program at Stillwater Area High School, providing hands-on experience in a variety of areas to leave high school with marketable skills. We collaborated with the Wild River Conservancy to provide a discovery of the St. Croix River field trip for all 4th -grade students. And, in May all 5th -graders experience a one-week theatre residency experience before heading on the middle school.

    A $25,000 grant kick-started a 5-year commitment to address mental health issues in our schools. This covered the cost for initial training for our first-line staff (nurses, counselors, etc.) throughout the district and to improve and upgrade the green rooms in all seven of our elementary schools.

    Eight exceptional individuals were chosen as Partnership Award recipients in March. These five
    current teachers, two staff, and one retired educator were each granted $1,000 to be given to
    the school of their choice within the district. On-going STEM, technology, and literacy programs
    accounted for another $26,759 of support.

    Nearly every single child in the district was impacted by one or more Partnership Plan grant or
    program during the 2021-2022 school year. Pre-K, special education, AVID, middle schoolers,
    music students, various classrooms, and robotics.


    The Partnership Plan was established in 1989 and is the educational fund for Stillwater Area
    Public Schools. We are an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
    Our mission: The Partnership Plan connects the community and its resources to Stillwater
    Area Public Schools to support exceptional learning experiences for students.
    Find out more @ www.partnershipplan.org / 651-439-3172

    photo caption:
    A student cuts the final notches into the PVC frame of an underwater robotic research device.
    The project was one of many classroom grants provided by The Partnership Plan during the
    2021-22 school year.

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