• Family Achievement Center Opens New Stillwater Clinic Pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech

  • Woodbury, Minnesota: Family Achievement Center (FAC) is proud to announce a new clinic location in
    Stillwater, Minnesota. Specializing in pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy, FAC has
    proudly served families in the Twin Cities for over 20 years with two other locations in Bloomington and
    Woodbury. The Stillwater clinic is new and has immediate openings available.

    Family Achievement Center is a family-run business founded by CEO/Owner, Tom Hoel. Mr. Hoel’s own
    journey with a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy led him to open a clinic founded on family
    focused values, and a mission to provide hope and improve lives. Unlike traditional models, FAC focuses
    on a family-centered approach that integrates services for a holistic view. In addition to providing therapy
    within the clinic, FAC provides several family-centered events throughout the year, creating a sense of
    community and belonging to families with disabilities.

    “Stillwater has a beautiful sense of community and is a perfect fit for the spirit of Family Achievement
    Center. In addition to our clinic, we also have a nonprofit foundation to help parents on a challenging
    journey. We believe Stillwater to be a perfect therapeutic and healing location for our families.” stated
    Sarah Mason, Family Achievement Center President/Co-owner.

    FAC serves families from birth into adulthood and can be reached at 651-738-9888 for questions
    regarding services. The new Stillwater clinic is located at 610 Main Street North #200, directly across the
    street from the Zephyr Theater.

    About Family Achievement Center (www.familyachievement.com): Family Achievement Center is a family-owned company founded in 2001, helping thousands of children and adults improve their lives through occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Unlike traditional therapy models, Family Achievement Centers uses an innovative, family-centered approach that integrates services for a holistic view. Their mission is to provide hope and improve lives in their clinic locations in Bloomington, Stillwater, and Woodbury, Minnesota.


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