Chamber Celebrates New Mainstreet Location for RM Realty in Downtown Stillwater

Richard McDonough cuts the ribbon at new location, downtown Stillwater, Main Street.

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June 2018. Stillwater, MN. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce celebrated RM Realty’s new location on Main Street in Downtown Stillwater at a ribbon cutting celebration on June 28th. The event took place at their historic Main Street Building. Richard McDonough, the founder of RM Realty, proudly cut the ribbon with RM Realty Agents, colleagues, friends, family, Chamber Ambassadors and staff, and local business supporters attending. RM Realty celebrated the occasion by giving a tour of their restored historic location with updated materials telling guests the chronicled story as they meandered about.

RM Realty started out as the team of Richard McDonough, Stephanie Reineck, and Carrie Killian earlier this spring and has already grown to six agents and staff. A combined experience of over 5 decades, they saw how the market and more importantly marketing homes in general has changed with the evolving technological landscape. They knew it wasn’t just about putting a sign in the yard, a few words for a description, and crossing your fingers hoping the home sells, it’s so much more. It’s about telling that home’s story, telling it well, and above all, standing out above the noise. For their clients, they don’t just want an offer on the table, they want the best offer. Taking their forward thinking combined with their incredible digital marketing platform and state-of-the-art website, they stepped out of the big box brokerage and went out on their own. While embracing the best of what technology offers, above all, they are dedicated to their sellers and buyers. This office is truly knowledgeable in the local real estate market. RM Realty loves being downtown, part of the community and really being the local experts of The St Croix Valley. It is no wonder their mission statement is “RM Realty meets your real estate needs through knowledge, innovative marketing, exceptional negotiating, unfailing focus, and community-driven passion.”

Residential Real Estate housed in a historic and remarkably designed space, RM Realty creates an energy around the real estate industry in the St. Croix Valley area. Browsers strolling along Main Street stop to check out the listings that are taped to the front window in plain-view for curious locals and visitors to pause and consider a re-location. It’s bringing that “days-gone-by” culture back to the main street window. Their renovated space hosts reclaimed wood and repurposed windows from the IDS Center, original tile and brick that is historic to the site, and a collection of antique local art-work all galleried on the original brick structure. RM Realty didn’t want to go for the standard cubicle-like setting for their space. They wanted a more “Google-esque” like atmosphere. An open area with leather couches and seats with a big screen TV in the middle of the space- where RM Realty and staff collaborate and host their regular meetings. A built-in conference room for clients with large glass windows that sit behind the collaboration space and two open offices, dedicated to whoever, are in the back. RM Realty is always thinking ahead and has plans for the future. Walk inside and you can feel that RM Realty is making a big impact in the quaint collective that makes up the St. Croix River Valley.


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