Stillwater’s Axdahl Farm Competing for Nationwide Grant and Needs Your Vote!

January 2018, Stillwater, MN— Stillwater family farm, Axdahl Farms is competing for a $28,000 grant from Cultivating Change, a local farm grant program offered by Greener Fields Together. This grant helps local farms fund upgrades to operations, invest in food safety and implement a sustainable technology.  The grant is awarded by popular vote so Axdahl Farms is asking the community to vote! Voters can vote daily until the January 31st deadline, and winners will be announced February 5th.  For more information and to vote, go to

Axdahls Farm and Garden Center is a certified sustainable farm and they take great pride in taking care of the land and environment. They would utilize the funds to cover equipment costs and labor needed for a new energy and water efficient irrigation system.  Through the state DNR, The Axdahl family recently learned that they will no longer be allowed to draw water from the deep aquifer that their well sourced and will need to purchase new equipment to use in a new, shallow water depth source.  As good land stewards, they are committed to preserving their irrigation source and will seal part of the well and purchase the new equipment.

“Because we must purchase new equipment, we plan to leverage this opportunity and install more modern and environmentally friendly equipment to improve our land and community. Utilizing this new drip irrigation system will allow us to conserve water and when needed, draw more water using our above ground sprinklers to irrigate. Overall, the new equipment will allow us to conserve both water and energy making our entire operation more efficient and environmentally sustainable” stated Leslie Axdahl.  “The irrigation equipment and use of the well is critical for our produce farm. We are mandated to seal our well, and the new equipment is expensive. Without it, we will have to rely on rainwater as our sole water source for produce. This would deeply impact the amount of produce we can grow for our community, and be a huge blow to our business. We are really hoping the community comes forward and helps us win this grant by voting!”

Votes can be made each day by individuals until January 31st.  Winners will be announced February 5th.  For more information and to vote, go to

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